5'' x 96'' Curved Top ID Chrome Exhaust Stack Pipe

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Exhaust Stack Pipes in Chrome

5'' X 96'' Curved Top ID End Chrome Exhaust Stack Pipe

Chrome Curved Exhaust Stack Pipe

Curved Exhaust Stack pipes are made in The USA by Grand Rock. You are purchasing a Chrome Curved stack pipe with an ID bottom.

What are Curved Exhaust Stacks?

Curved Exhaust Stacks are used as the last part that releases exhaust gas. hey have a curved or slightly bent end and are used as a replacement component to help control emissions. We sell a wide array of exhaust stacks and exhaust part accessories including connectors, elbows, mounting brackets, clamps, exhaust stack guards, and intake air components.

What Type of Ends are there on a Stack Pipe?

When purchasing an exhaust Stack or exhaust pipe, please make sure that you are getting the right size and have the ends figured out, so they fit the other pipes you are using.
    • ID = Inside Diameter
    • OD = Outside Diameter

You can think of the pipe with an ID end as being the Female end of the Pipe. An OD ended pipe will fit inside of the ID.

What else do I need to go with my Stack Pipe?

You could use some of the items below to go with your new Pipe.

When purchasing items to go with your Exhaust Pipe, just make sure the clamps, elbows and other pipes are the same size in diameter as the pipe you are purchasing, just remember to get the opposite Ends to insert into the pipe.

Do you have a Catalog?

Yes! We do. You can download the catalog by clicking on the picture or link below. The catalog is a PDF.
You can save the PDF to your computer if you want to use it for reference at any time.
Simply write down the SKU/Part Number and come back to our store, input the numbers you need in our SEARCH Box and it will appear.
Add to the Cart and Check out... Its that simple.
Grand Rock Exhaust Catalog
Grand Rock Exhaust Catalog Exhaust Products from Grand Rock
Please write us with your current needs. Please include your Truck Make, Model, Year and Engine Type.
We DO NOT have the ability to access records according to your VIN. lease call the dealer for that information.
What can we help you with? mail to:truckpipes@gmail.com

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